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Due to its long history of construction, the windows of historical buildings are also very ancient. For example, using wooden window frames and single-layer glass. The heat transfer coefficient of single-layer glass is as high as 5.8W/m2K, and the sound insulation is only 24dB. This means that if these buildings are still inhabited, in the cold winter, the glass interior surfaces will become very cold, with condensation or frost forming. Cold glass can also cause a significant loss of indoor temperature, reducing indoor temperature and forcing people to consume a large amount of energy for heating to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. In addition, many historical buildings are located in the city center,The indoor environment can become very noisy due to the influence of outdoor traffic noise, obviously there were not so many cars on the roads in ancient times.

So in order to adapt to the needs of modern life, historical buildings need to undergo many upgrades and renovations, among which the renovation of windows is a very important part. Here, we will encounter a difficult problem, which is how to maintain the historical style without being damaged. For example, the original historical windows were very thin, and the thickness of modern windows increased. Directly replacing them may damage the original building structure. But if modern window frames with the same thickness as historical windows are used, the thickness of the glass cannot be increased, and the insulation performance of the windows cannot be improved.

We know that modern insulating glass improves its insulation performance by increasing the number of glass layers and spacing layers.

Obviously, vacuum insulating glass can perfectly solve this problem. Firstly, the thickness of vacuum glass can reach a minimum of 6mm, the heat transfer coefficient can be lower than 0.5W/m2K, and the sound insulation level can reach 36dB. Historical buildings can be replaced and installed without the need to replace window frames, maximizing the preservation of the original appearance and greatly improving the insulation and sound insulation performance of windows. Even if window frames need to be replaced, their thin thickness will not damage the original building structure.

It must be said that the emergence of vacuum glass has revitalized these historical buildings, allowing them to be both appreciated and inhabited, making them more comfortable, economical, and energy-efficient.

It must be said that our V-i-G is more suitable for historical buildings because the entire vacuum glass has a very neat appearance, unlike other vacuum glass with prototype holes at the corners or protruding strip grooves at the edges. Although we also place strip getters at the edges, thanks to unique technology, the getters are only 10mm away from the edges and can be completely hidden in the window frame. The installed V-i-G has no difference in appearance from the original glass.

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