Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Looking for advice with your product?

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the glass industry and would be happy to help.

client meetings & proposals

Obtain product information and customer requirements, develop evaluation plans

Testing & evaluation

Conduct comprehensive testing and evaluation of the product’s performance according to the plan

reviews & deliver report

Provide testing and evaluation reports and improvement plans

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Our service range

Vacuum Glass Consultant by sinbo glass
Materials evaluation
  • Testing and evaluation of pillars

  • Testing and evaluation of sealing

  • Testing and evaluation of getters

Vacuum Glass Consultant by sinbo glass
Products evaluation
  • Product comprehensive evaluation

  • Thermal and mechanical evaluation

  • Durability testing and evaluation

Vacuum Glass Consultant by sinbo glass
process and equipments evaluation
  • Product consistency assessment

  • Process stability assessment

  • Equipment qualification rate evaluation

Vacuum Glass Consultant by sinbo glass

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Why choose us ?

Quality service coupled with a personal approach

Unlike other glass test houses that deliver cold reports, we pride ourselves on our personal approach and tailor guidance to your situation.

Adhere to a neutral stance

We promise impartial and unbiased expert advice, helping you protect your brand integrity and reputation.

Confidentiality and Security

we often work under non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your information is treated with the upmost confidentiality.