Winter energy lost through window glass-Vacuumglass get much lower heat lost than Insulation glass!

What is the design of Vacuum Glass?

Design Summary
---Double glass sealed with oven-fired
---Frit material around perimeter
---Space between lite under vacuum
---Spacers separate the lites to avoid collapse
---Uper sheet Low-E coated glass
---Lower sheet clear glass with getter
---Pump out tube stub protected by metal cap
---Significantly better R-Value than standard triple pane IG Minimal Cost increase over


Why Vacuum Glass have the most efficient insulation?

--- IG unit consists of two panes placed 6-16mm apart, and the spacing gap between them is filled with a dry gas. to reduces heat transfer through the glass .
---Vacuum glass extremely high thermal insulation effect is expectable by minimized heat flow due to the conductance and the convection using 0.2 mm vacuum gap between two panes with pressure below 10-3 torr.Gas conductivity is almost Zero!
--- Vacuum glass have the lowest U value and thickness ,also the best sound insulation !