Technology Advantages

Performance Advantages

thin and light

Energy conservation and environment protection
◆Super-light—reduce building load-bearing and decrease construction cost.
◆Super-thin—reduce the use of frame materials and increase light transmittance.
Vacuum glass 6mm in thickness at a minimum which leaves more creative space for architects and is easy for renovation of old window.
◆Refrigeration and heating cost is significantly reduced- in cold winter, it can reduce energy loss in the room to save your heating cost; and in hot summer, it can lower room temperature to reduce the workload of air condition or fan.
◆Environment protection-lower the coal consumption for power generation applied in refrigeration and heating, reduce the discharge of harmful gas, such as CO2 and decrease environmental pollution! It has already become an optimum new building material which can meet low-carbon building requirements.

save maneycomfortableQuietprevent condensation
Other Advantages
◆Compared with Insulation glass, it has good heat preservation, heat-insulating performance;
◆Compared with Insulation glass, it has better sound insulation performance (can be 39dB) on most sound frequency, especially on low-mid frequency;
◆When outdoor temperature lowers to a certain level, the inner surface of anneal window glass will be dew-forming.Dew-forming temperature of Low-E vacuum glass is relatively low, the lowest condensation temperature of Low-E Vacuum Glass about -50ºC without inner dew-forming situation.
◆Lower dewing temperature, with no "inner condensation"; which frequently occurs on Insulation glass;
Wind resistance is 2 times greater than that of Insulation glass which is more durable, stable and reliable. 
◆Install getter material inside to maintain vacuum level stable and prevent the film of Low-E coated glass from being oxidized after long-time exposure. 
◆It is free from burst in plateau low pressure area as Insulation glass.